I seek nature. I have sought it out my entire life.  The nature of the universe.  The nature of my being.  The nature of happiness and suffering.  I seek it metaphorically in everything around me, and yes, I seek it quite literally.  I find it in the mountains.  I have never really found it on the summit, but in the pursuit of the summit.  The climb gives me focus, presence, and purpose.  The summit just gives me the direction to go.

I am a combat veteran having served in Fallujah and Ramadi in 2003.  I am a qualified Army Ranger School graduate and US Army Captain.  I have a degree in Physics and I’m a successful software sales rep. 


All experiences that have shaped me and give you an idea of my past and my drivers, but these are not the full story.

The full story, like everyone's, is far deeper.  Our accomplishments and experiences listed out don't document our struggle, but true inspiration comes from the struggle not the outcome.

This page is a resource.  A resource for those seeking information about some of the areas I've visited.  A resource for those seeking the techniques and training I have used to prepare for the struggle of climbing.  For some it may be a resource for inspiration, to go find their own mountains.

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sinks canyon

Lander, Wyoming

After finishing Grand Teton with Exum Guide Ben Hoiness, he invited me to be the "test subject" for a Sport Climbing Camp that fellow Exum Guide Zahan Billimoria and he were putting together.  At first I was hesitant given the fact that I had been out to WY twice in 3-weeks, however, after considering how fantastic Ben was as a guide, I decided to go.  So glad I went.

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tale of two climbs

Mt. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States.  Rising 14,508 feet out of the Californian desert near Death Valley, ironically the lowest point in North America.  There are two routes to the summit on its east face.  The Whitney Trail, which meanders 11 miles through switchbacks to climb the 6100 feet from the trailhead at the Whitney Portal to the summit.  

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grand teton

grand teton NATIONAL PARK, wyoming, 13,776 FT

Grand Teton is located in Grand Teton National Park just north of Jackson Hole, WY and just south of Yellowstone National Park.  The "Grand" as it is called is 13,776 feet high, but what makes it a new and unique challenge is that access to the peak can only be granted through a technical rock climb near the top (Grade II, Class 5.4 on the Owens-Spalding Ridge route).  

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